set your dental appointmentOne of the big questions people have most often about emergency dentists is whether they charge more than regular dentists. It would seem to make sense that if you can get care at any hour do the day (since they do operate 24/7) then you would have to pay more for it. For many services in a variety of industries, you would tend to pay more for round-the-clock care. Wouldn’t the same apply to the dental industry?

However, with emergency dentists, the cost isn’t necessarily more than what the regular dentist with closing hours would charge. It really varies from clinic to clinic. The various clinics can charge what they like, but they still have to remain competitive, and they know that if they charge lots more than their nearest competition, then most people will just wait until the regular dental practice is open to get their required services. Find an emergency dentist for faster relief.

In many cases, emergency dentists are actually cheaper than their counterparts. That’s because they often do more business and can afford to keep their costs low due to the increased traffic they receive. You can actually save money by getting that dental emergency taken care of after work at an emergency dentist than you would having the same procedure done during the workday at your regular dentist.

Of course, if you have dental insurance, it may not make any difference at all to you. The cost can be the same regardless of what the actual prices are. The dental insurance you have could leave you with the same amount to pay no matter how much is being charged for the service you need. Emergency dentists should accept the same types of insurance that your regular dentists does.

If you are concerned about going to the emergency dentists because of the risk of increased cost, you should lay those fears to rest by actually looking up the costs and getting a solid figure to work with. You won’t actually know how much it will cost you to use one service over another until you get the total from the different clinics. You might be surprised at how affordable the emergency dentist is and you may end up preferring to go there for your dental needs in the future due to how quickly the assist you and how little they cost. You can find an emergency dentist near you by visiting