Growing your business with the use of video marketing, and how to maximize the power of pre-sales by pre-selling YOUR product.

When it comes to marketing on the web it seems like there’s always some new, innovative technique taking the world by storm and helping marketers to make money hand over fist. In today’s virtual economy that something is video marketing. Video marketing provides a new kind of advertising to today’s virtual consumers and gives Internet marketers the chance to get their feet wet in an area of business that’s new to them but has been making money for other businesses for generations.

When you’re talking about the online consumer you’re talking about a group of individuals that have the long term attention span of a three year old… with ADD… after drinking a liter of Coke. They need to see the information they need right at the very beginning, and if they cannot do that they are going to quickly lose interest and move on to something else.

This is why marketers who have elected to stick with the old method of posting sales letters on their sites rather than take advantage of video marketing are losing customers hand over fist. They cannot get their audience to sit still long enough to see what they have to offer!

Video marketing brings the power of television to the Internet. Visitors don’t have to read. All they have to do is check out the hip, hot, interesting and informative video that you have uploaded to your site (which, incidentally, can be effectively made using just about any kind of digital camcorder) and see what you have to offer.

A thirty second video can be three times as effective as the traditional five page sales letter. Why? Video marketing offers consumers what they want-access to information in an easy to understand medium that requires a minimum of effort on their part.

Along with video marketing you can easily increase the power of your marketing campaign by offering pre-sales of your product. What does a pre-sale do? It offers the customer the opportunity to be guaranteed a copy of your latest product before it has even had the chance to hit the shelves-virtually speaking, of course. This takes the guesswork out of whether or a not a product is going to be available when the time comes to take an order.

More importantly, pre-sales serve to whet your buyers appetites for anything and everything that you care to give them. If you really need to punch the power of a pre-sale offer the customer a sneak peek when they place their pre-order. This can be a ten or fifteen minute clip of a video, the first chapter or two of an e-book or a simplified version of your latest software. This gives them the chance to see firsthand what you have to offer, and it takes a lot of the guesswork out of buying on the Internet.

Video marketing and pre-sales offer you a tremendous opportunity to build sales and make a profit, and the two of them working together will provide you with exactly what you need-a way to grab and keep your customers’ attention and seal the sale in no time at all.