Understanding Web Directories
A web directory, which is also referred to as a link directory, is a type of database containing links to other web sites. The concept of the web directory is not the same as a search engine, as a search engine lists web sites according to searches performed on keywords. A web directory, on the other hand, lists its sites according to various categories and subcategories.
Finding Web Sites With the Help of a Web Directory
Finding web sites with help of a web directory is an easy process. First, you will need to find a web directory to use. If you do not know the address of a web directory, you can use a search engine to perform a keyword search of the phrase web directory. This will bring up a listing of various web directories available on the Internet.
Once you arrive at the web directory, you will find that it is pretty self-explanatory. You will notice that there are several categories listed on the web directory and that subcategories are listed beneath the main categories. These subcategories are in place to help you more quickly and easily find the types of web sites you are looking for.
What Types of Categories are Included in Web Directories?
The categories included in a web directory depend upon the individual web directory. While some web directories will focus on a broad array of topics, others will focus primarily on one subject area. For example, a web directory may have categories in Art, Business, Entertainment, and more. Within each of these broad categories, a number of subcategories may be listed. As a result, literally thousands of web sites may be listed on one web directory.
Other web directories may focus on just one topic, such as computers and technology. Yet others may focus on information pertaining to only one region. As such, this highly specialized directory will only include subcategories that would fit within this topic. By focusing the entire directory on just one broad topic, the web directory can theoretically provide more specialized services to its site visitors. A well-managed web directory containing multiple broad categories, however, can be just as successful with providing quality links.
How are Sites Added to a Web Directory?
Sites are generally added to a web directory according to the overall content of the site rather than just by the content of one page. The method for determining which sites will be added to a web directory, however, can vary according to the directory.
In many cases, site owners actually submit their sites to be included in the web directory. High quality web directories will review these sites first in order to make sure it is worthy of inclusion and contains information that web surfers might find to be of value. Others are more lenient when it comes to the links that are included on the directory. As such, it is important to realize that not all web directories are as valuable as other web directories.
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