Making Money Affiliate Marketing Training Tutorial

Warning: Lazy, Unmotivated People! Do not read this blog post. I can tell you right now you will not make it in the online World! If your motivated, and willing to learn on a daily basis continue reading! You go-getters out there will love this post!

Alright guys, And girls just a little heads up! This is gonna be a long and very informative blog post. But I can guarantee that you will love this blog post.Your probably sick and tired of reading bull**** blog posts that withhold the vital information on the steps needed to actually get started in the affiliate marketing business model and finally know what it actually takes to start making some extra money online once and for all. So I am gonna take you with me from my very beginnings in Internet marketing, into affiliate marketing, and how I am able to generate a nice second income from the comfort of my own home.

So if your new to affiliate marketing, and want to learn how to start an actual online business that will generate you residual income even when you sleep. And your sick of all the bull**** blog posts that are out there then fasten your seatbelt, and hold on tight! This is one roller coaster ride you are not gonna want to miss – I can guarantee you that!

My Turning Point Online. What Did I See That Motivated Me About The Internet In The Beginning Back In 2006?

Why I got hooked on Internet marketing? It fascinated me for one. I can actually make money sitting on my computer doing something I actually would enjoy, and get paid for it? Wow that is cool as hell I thought! I can sell things to people from all walks of life, from basically anywhere in the World from my home office? And potentially make a lot of money doing so? All it would take is a very little amount of money, if not none, and an Internet connection to make this all possible? Wow this affiliate marketing stuff is kick ass!

My point is I seen a lot of opportunity in the online World, and I found out later that I actually enjoy the challenge, and the work involved in Internet marketing altogether. Hell, it is fun if you ask me. I never feel like I am working 1 day of my life! Some people call that your dream job. And it makes it that much easier to succeed if your actually passionate about what your doing.

When I first started researching affiliate marketing I kept hearing things about Clickbank. What the hell is this Clickbank thing all about I thought to myself? I had to find out for myself! So I visited Clickbanks marketplace and signed up for a free affiliate account. I was overwhelmed at first. They had thousands, and thousands, of digital products to promote.

I asked myself where do I start? And how am I gonna make some extra money trying out this affiliate marketing thing everyone was talking about? I knew nothing about how to promote anything online. How to get traffic? How to rank on the first pages of the major search engines? Better known as SEO. How to make a pretty website, or blog? I had a lot of learning to do if I was gonna turn this into a lucrative endeavor that is for sure! But I was determined as hell to make this dream a reality one day. And I was willing to work hard for it, and do whatever it takes to generate a nice residual income from this affiliate marketing game.

I knew money did not grow on trees. And I am not one of those free loading guys with there hands out expecting everyone to do for me. If I want something damn’t I am willing to work my ass off to get it. Point blank. Period!

My Next Step In Affiliate Marketing Learning How To Rank In The Search Engines? And Find Out Which First Products I Should Try To Promote?

In the beginning of my quest to make money affiliate marketing I came across a product that I thought would be a hot seller. It was called how to get rid of man boobs ( Yeah funny I know) But a serious problem for a lot of overweight men around the World. If I remember correctly it paid like a 75% commission and the product which was a digital E-book course more or less sold for a little over $30 bucks. This would make me a little over $20 dollars on each and every sale that I generated. Pretty cool!

Alright now I have my product now how in the hell am I gonna sell it? I had a lot of learning to do. I am am a newbie in affiliate marketing at this time. Lets see what I can find on the good old Internet. I was lucky enough to stumble on a free course taught by Travis Sago in which he teaches the bum marketing method.

The bum marketing method is called that because Travis claimed he could take a bum off the street and make him money pretty much at will. Ok! Lets see what this is all about? Travis teaches people how to write a classified ad, or an article, and get it to rank on the first pages of the search engines for whatever keyword phrase you are going after. In a nutshell the title of your classified ad or article is the keyword phrase that you are gonna go after.

The bum marketing method basically states low competition, and high searches. Think 100,000 listings for a particular search or less. And if it is a buying keyword phrase related to the product you are selling. How to get rid of man boobs in the case of my first affiliate product that I was promoting even better. Write a classified, or article with the title of your ad that fits this criteria to make money. Low competition and high searches. The rule is your ad will hopefully end up on the first pages of the major search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Then MSN. And generate you money on autopilot.

This free course really opened up my eyes after I seen it actually working, and a few sales came in from the classifieds that I had written. I used U.Sfreeads just in case you were curious. They are very friendly towards affiliate ads. The bum marketing method is what basically started it all for me. It is not perfect but if your a beginner to affiliate marketing, and you know nothing about Internet marketing. The bum marketing method will give you a good foundation to build on. Just Google it affiliates! It really helped me out in the beginning and it will do the same for you.

The next couple years online for me was one big learning curve and I was learning how to make money on the Internet and soaking up all the information I could like a sponge.

I did not have a mentor which you guys should really find if it is feasible. I had to learn every aspect of affiliate marketing myself. How to generate traffic? What affiliate programs to promote? How to build my own website? How to start a self hosted WordPress blog? How to write classifieds and articles correctly to get some good click thru’s to my affiliate offers so I could make some money?

It was overwhelming at times. But I am glad I did it because my mindset is now that of an online Entrepreneur. I could not picture myself working a 9 to 5 job that I did not like for the next 20 plus years bringing in a meager salary and existence. That was all the motivation I needed. And it continues to be the driving factor for my future business goals. Just think of yourself a tired worn out old man, or Woman busting your hump to make someone else Rich. Sorry but not my idea of a good time! I wanted more out of life, and that fire continues to burn inside me to this day, and propels me to reach my new goals in my affiliate marketing career.

If they can do it so can I. Keep this mindset and there will be no stopping you from achieving your affiliate marketing success. Hell put on the theme song from Rocky to motivate you whatever it takes lol. Just keep a positive attitude and be willing to put forth the effort you need to succeed online. I can guarantee you, if you have an attitude like mine, along with a strong work ethic. You will start making extra money in your affiliate marketing endeavors.

And once you see the potential of the Internet you will not stop till they carry you out on a gurney. You will be hooked like a Walleye on a jig. Yeah it is really that much fun at least in my case. Where else can you make money while you sleep? No 9 to 5 can offer that. Where else but the Internet can you set up autopilot businesses and sell to people from all over the World? The Internet has opened up doors for me that were previously closed and it can do the same for you. Affiliate marketing generates billions of dollars a year Worldwide from affiliates just like you.

Fast Forward To 2010 And Beyond. Here Is What I Have Learned That Works In Affiliate Making That Will Make You Some Extra Cash Online. Follow These Steps!

1. Learn the bum marketing method if you are a beginner. This is a good foundation for everything you do online!
2. Join Clickbank, Rapbank, or Amazon for starters. And find some products in a niche that interest you. There is a ton of affiliate programs for you to join for free and make some money with.

3. Once you start making a few sales online through classified ads than move onto article marketing.

4. Start a self hosted WordPress blog, or a website in a niche that interests you. Or a topic that you are passionate about, or are at least interested in learning about. This will make it easier for you to write about if you have knowledge in that particular area.

Special Note: For you cheapskates out there who are not willing to spend $5 to $ 10 bucks a month for webhosting than use those free blogging platforms like Blogger. But keep this in mind! 2 of my blogs were deleted from blogger. They own your blog and they can delete it without warning for whatever reason they see fit. They are cracking down on affiliate marketing blogs, and they will not hesitate to delete all your hard work at the push of a button. Never build your online business on quicksand! Control your online real estate by hosting your domains with a reputable Webhost. I recommend Hostgator they have great customer service and a cool user interface. If you choose not to take my advice do not come crying to me when the affiliate blog that you have been working on for over a year gets deleted. I do not want to hear it you have been warned!

5. Put together a blog, or a website. I recommend a blog. But if you are selling Ebay type items like an online store than a website is fine. If your blogging on a self hosted WordPress blog. I recommend you start by making at least 5 to ten blog posts depending on the competition of your niche. This is gonna be your foundation for you to build on. Remember to update your blog with a few new posts every week. ( The search engines love new content – and they will reward you for it with free organic traffic from the search engines)

6. Monetize your blog with affiliate banners and links. I would also sign up for a free Google adsense account and run adsense ads on your blog, or website. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Diversity is the key! Make it look nice, and pretty. then move on to traffic generation my next step for your affiliate marketing business.

7. Now it is time to drive traffic to this bad boy! I recommend you start off by doing article marketing for a few months to build up backlinks to your new site. This will give you targeted traffic from the search engines directed to your new site. Where you will have a lot of juicy content and affiliate offers for your new visitors. Traffic equals money online. The more traffic your site gets the more money you will make.

Remember article marketing is a key point in any new online business in my opinion. You may not enjoy it that much, but do it! Get as many of those articles out there as possible. It will pay off in the end trust me. 1 article with a link to your site in your Authors resource box will drive targeted traffic to your site. Be published on the sites of other Webmasters, and bloggers. Drive targeted cash in hand visitors to your site. Which will earn you money. And potentially give you a ton of new backlinks which will give your site higher overall power in the search engines. Which means your posts will rank higher in the search engines which in turn will make you more money. Are you starting to see the power of article marketing? I hope so!

8. Start an email list if feasible on your site. There is a lot of money to be made in an email list and the sooner you start collecting those email addresses from your visitors the better the shape you will be in. Trust me this is one aspect you do not want to put off! The sooner the better! I recommend Aweber you can get started for a $1.00 for your first months service. The money is in the list. Listbuilding is a vital part of any successful online business remember that tip.

After You Get The Traffic Starting To Come Into Your Site Through Article Marketing – Then Concentrate On A Few Of These Proven Traffic Building Techniques That I Use.

1. Blog Commenting – Comment on blogs related to your sites niche with a link to your Website in the post.

2. Forum Posting – Post in online forums with a signature link that points back to your Website, or blog. You can set up a signature link in the control panel of whatever forum you are signing up for. My favorite forum is the Warriorforum it is a great source of free traffic, and you can learn a ton of valuable information related to affiliate, and Internet marketing.

3. Video Marketing – Make some videos about your website and post them to Youtube and the other top video sharing sites online. Video marketing is a good way to make some extra money with your affiliate products. Youtube for example is the second largest search engine in the World and it is not even a real search engine. But Youtube users are using the search bar and typing in videos that are related to whatever they are looking for at that particular time. Do you see how powerful Youtube can be? After all Google owns them why wouldn’t it be?

4. Press Releases – Submit free press releases about your new Website, or blog.

5. Guest Post On Popular Blogs Related To Your Blogs Niche – This is a very popular traffic technique that can drive a ton of visitors to your site. Write a quality article and submit it to a high traffic blog and if it gets accepted watch the flood of traffic your site will get. If it works well for you rinse, wash, and repeat!

6. Hubpages – I highly recommend hubpages. I have made quite a few affiliate sales through the hubs that I have written the past couple of years. Over a 100 in case you are wondering. You can monetize your hubs with a link to your Website, and maybe a link to an affiliate offer for a total of two on each hub that you write. You can also add Amazon products which is really easy to integrate into your hubs for an extra source of revenue. You can also add Kontera ads on each hub. There is 4 ways to monetize your hubs so you can probably see how Hubpages can make you some extra money fairly quickly when done correctly. They also rank very highly in the search engines because hubpages is an authority site and Google loves them. This means higher rankings, and better exposure for all the hubs that you write. Which means? Hopefully you guessed it. Some extra affiliate money in your pockets.

Warning: Stay Away From Traffic Exchanges If Your Looking For Buying Traffic. They Do Not Work. You Are Wasting Your Time! Trust Me I Have Been There And Done That! Us Seasoned Marketers Know They Are Pretty Much Useless! Concentrate On The Techniques Above That Work! Newbies Tend To Flock To These Traffic Exchange Sites Only To Be Disappointed In The End. If You Want Sore Fingers, And Zero Money In Your Affiliate Accounts To Show For All Your Hard Work, Than By All Means Traffic Exchanges Are Great. Go Buck Wild! I Was Joking Stay Away!

What I Am Planning For 2011 For My Online Business My Top 3 Priorities ?

1. I am gonna concentrate on building my list and make this my top priority

2. I am gonna continue bringing you great content on this blog that you are reading this post on

3. I am gonna make my own Internet product and get more into the product creation aspect of my business. I am really looking forward to this. There is a lot of money to be made in product creation so look for something of great quality from me before the end of next year sometime. I look forward to helping you guys even more with more quality posts to help you make more money online now and well into the future!

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