The ipod provides, besides a fascinating technical development, an original as well as cutting-edge way of promoting and marketing, which varies in vogue and mottos from the very first ads of the initial generation of iPods, to the most current iPod video clip advertising campaigns.

The very first campaigns concentrated upon the brand-new item advertised both the iPod as well as iTunes brands. These marketing campaign were leaded by the slogan A thousand songs, in your pocket, which was introduced in November 2001. The shades which were picked for the initial iPod projects were brisk and also full of live: turquoise, cyclamen, brilliant yard eco-friendly and other cheerful distinctions were opted to represent the suggestion of both music as well as video, meaning both visual and also auditory feelings. The wrap advertising was made use of, at the same time with the other as well as much more typical types of BTL advertising and marketing: there were various light rail covers in active centers or midtowns, utilizing the same aesthetic message as the banners. Huge banners and also signboards were shown in numerous busy facilities, with high exposure. The advertising was extreme, ahead and dynamic, with just extreme and also optimal quality for all the aspects: the colors were vibrant, the actual advertisements were huge and the stood for pictures were vibrant. The TELEVISION ads were focused after the idea of music, dance as well as mobility and also the text of these was just limited to the motto of the product and of the Apple brand name (Think clear).

In 2003, the new ad campaign that Apple presented was due to the conjunction with the launch of the iTunes music establishment. The project concentrated mainly on the analysis of popular songs by different persons wearing iPods. This campaign was a big hit, because of the fact that it was based upon renowned pop, stone and also hip hop tracks, belonging to artists such as Eminem or Pink.

Later that year, in October 2003, iPod launched a brand-new series of advertisements, based upon the silhouette project, which was the base for the majority of the print advertisements, like banners, signboards and also covers, also from the look of the very first generation of iPods: the photos generally showed black shapes of individuals dancing while putting on iPods. This new campaign was realized based on the exact same extreme shades and also vibrant photos like the very first project. Much more, the success of the campaign was owed to the appeal of the executed songs, such as The Vines’ Ride, The Caesars’ Jerk it Out, Gorillaz’ Feel Good Inc., Steriogram’s Walkie-Talkie Male, Jet’s So, are You Gon na Be My Gal, Propellerheads’ Take America, Ozomatli’s Saturday Night, N * E * R * D’s Rock Star (Jason Nevin’s Mix), Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out or Daft Punk’s Technologic.With the release of

the new iPod video, the graphic of the devices as well as its promotion began to alter. The slogan of the new devices was Another belongings …, meaning the brand-new as well as expected video clip attribute, which was a large plus comparing to the latest design of 2005. The ads for this brand-new devices were concentrated on the video playing capacities of the device. Really, the ad showcased U2’s Original of the Variety from the Vertigo: Live From Chicago DVD. Based on the same suggestion, there were 2 more videos which showcased Eminem and Wynton Marsalis. Still, at the same time, the advertisement which was presenting the dance shapes continued, however it was changed into something much more depictive for the brand-new video clip device: the backgrounds were not simple vivid shades anymore, they were textured and had different patterns, symbolizing the advancement concerning the graphic as well as the video homes of the new model of iPod. The 2 variants of the video clips featuring the 2 prominent artists ranged from an orange city style of the hip jump songs to a great blue one of allure look.

The most up to date iPod advertisement, released in March 2006 is not based on the silhouette style anymore; instead, the producers picked a video showing numerous CD covers, incorporating in an iPod nano, under the very same older slogan A thousand tracks, in your pocket.

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